About our Sun Protective Clothing

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Sun Threadz Sun Protection Clothing came about from my malignant melanoma diagnosis in 1999. I designed a few key pieces that were important in my active outdoor lifestyle; I love swimming and sailing and was reluctant to give this up. The only way I can comfortably go out in the sun is wearing fabric tested under license from ARPANSA, the Australian Government’s Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Authority. The fabric I use is 50+ UPF sun protection.

I am an artist/metalsmith and am honored to have a piece in the White House, an exhibition for Celestial Seasonings, an exhibition at the Aaron Faber Gallery, Fifth Ave NY, Pew Fellowship Finalist, Art of the State of Pennsylvania Exhibition and the recipient of numerous awards. You can view the sun that I designed, carved and cast with a sun message on the back as a reminder to have a sun check up on the Accessories page. I will have Sun Tips and Skin Cancer Information posted on my blog along with all the latest news and advances pertaining to Skin Cancer.

How do I know so much about Skin Cancer and Sun Protection?

I was treated for Malignant Melanoma through the Melanoma Program at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania You can ask the experts at Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center by going to Oncolink  I have taken a personal interest in all things related to Melanoma. It is important to me to understand everything I possibly can about this type of cancer. I am dedicated and committed to being an advocate for sun safety. You can follow me on Twitter as sunscreensafe. I belong to the cancer groups on Facebook, which allows me to reach the young audience who frequent tanning booths, you can also follow me on Facebook.

The clothing pieces are not mass-produced offshore, they are lovingly created and designed by me with the help of a few very talented individuals in the USA.

xo Colleen

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

If item is not to your liking I will refund the amount, less shipping charges. All items may be returned in unused condition within 15 days of receipt for exchange or refund. I would like you to be happy with your purchase so any feedback would be appreciated. xo Colleen

Frequently Asked Questions:

Fabric is imported. Designs are Made in the USA

Silkscreening –  Silk screening is spreading paint across a screen that only allows the color to appear in certain spots.  Each piece of artwork done by a silk screen is done
“individually”, each is more unique and contain different colors/errors, making
it more valuable. I personally silkscreen each piece.

Artist Statement

As an artist we constantly challenge ourselves to continue to grow but most importantly to continue to see the world around us. For it is this world that we are capturing in our art. My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience and it should be profoundly personal. As I review my body of work I see that what was most important to me at a particular time is captured in each piece. I am currently in love with life. Interpret art as you wish, see it as you will, art is for our pleasure.