From Concept to Camera Ready

Maura Sun Threadz Sept '15 012It has been a long time coming, the Sun Protection Dress. I have been working on this design for two years, yes that long. First it was a vision, then it was capturing the vision, then taking the captured vision to paper. From design on paper on to the prototype, which by the way was a very good mock up, I used for display at the Abramson Cancer Center Conference for Melanoma last May and it received rave reviews. Once the sample dress went from pattern to fabric I then needed the perfect model to showcase the dress. Maura is my beautifully talented model for the Sun Protection Dress, working in the fashion world in Manhattan. Maura has been touched by skin cancer; her mother, cousin, aunts, and uncle and she knows what is required to be sun safe.

I am currently working on a new design for a wear anytime tee shirt, designing for optimal sun protection.

Another project is in my metalsmithing world; I am working, learning, and having fun navigating the wonderful world of wire. I will share some completed pieces on my Sun Threadz website since the pieces are all sea related. While on vacation this past summer in Turks & Caicos, my daughter and I went snorkeling in a protected reef area and we were truly “swimming with the fishes.” We watched lobster emerge from their little caves, climb down the side and go back inside. The colors of the fish were amazing and it has brought on another project – learn the types of fish there are in the waters of Turks & Caicos.

And speaking of the islands, if you are planning a Destination Wedding, this dress is a great bridesmaid dress.

Back to the drawing board!

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