Memories of a Summer Day in August

Papermaking Class - August 2012

Sun Over Paradise

The sun is just starting to come out and I can feel the warmth in the air although it is not quite the same as the sun on a summer day, as it is officially fall. I am recalling a summer that was full of many exciting and memorable days, the most important; my daughter’s wedding. To unwind for a moment during all the frantic last minute preparations I decided to do something for my creative spirit and signed up for a papermaking class taught by a fellow Artist of Yardley member. I arrived at Kathy’s home bright and early on a Sunday morning in August to find a tent and tables set up in the driveway of her home. Kathy, and I worked hand in hand filling the tubs of water with the materials that would eventually result in beautiful handmade paper. But what was more thrilling was then taking this paper that I had just made and adding colors. The bins of color; yellow/sun, blue/sky, green/ocean, papaya/imagination were there to dip your paper and create the most amazing designs on the paper. I have some paper that is beautiful enough to frame and I have attached one titled; Sun Over Paradise. If ever you have the opportunity to take a papermaking class, do it, you will love the process and the result.

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