Designing Sun Protection Clothing

As a designer you learn there are many avenues to take in the design concept. A designer can play it safe or be as creative as their imagination will take them. Fortunately for me I design in fiber and metal so I can really stretch the rules in metal and reign things in while designing in fiber. The more I find myself back in my metal studio the more I want to create more exciting pieces for my sun protection clothing line.

My philosphy on sun protection clothing is; if I have to wear this type of clothing I want the clothing to express who I am and this is what I want for my customer. I want my customer to feel comfortable and confident in style and protection in Sun Threadz. I came across the image I have posted of this beautiful fish and my goal is to design a piece for Sun Threadz that will play on the beauty, color and movement of this beautiful fish. Stay tuned for future updates on this design.

Off to the studio, then to the pool – enjoy your summer weekend and do all the summer things you love! xo

Concept for new Sun Threadz design

3 thoughts on “Designing Sun Protection Clothing

  1. I love the fish that you chose to inspire you for a new design. I can see a fabulous top and skirt. Your way of designing between two opposite elements, metal and fabric, is fascinating. K.

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