Summer Bridal Showers

My beautiful daughter, Juliet, is getting married in September.¬†Juliet’s bridal shower was on Saturday July 28th with a beautiful tent poolside with 4′¬†sunflowers around the tent and the yard and just as the guests were arriving at 1:00pm the skies opened. Well fortunately we had not taken the food outside. There was rolling bands of thunder and as we know if there is thunder there is lightening so we were very cautious about venturing outdoors. The skies appeared to brighten, saw some patches of blue and white puffy clouds and some of the guests decided to go outside and some roamed back and forth. When Juliet finished opening all her beautiful gifts everyone started to eat and since the sun was out many of the guests went outside to eat and then we had another downpour. By this time it was just an added dimension to an otherwise magnificent day!

Juliet’s Bridal Shower July 28, 2012

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